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Blitz Logistics Limited - About Us


Blitz Logistics Limited was Established in 2014 with one simple Philosophy that our Clients deserve the highest Level of service and reliability based on our professionalism and urges to satisfy their unique needs. With that philosophy in mind, we pride ourselves in fulfilling the shipping and logistical needs of customers on a worldwide basis. Our unrivalled expertise in clearing and forwarding, transportation, Air/Sea Freight Shipping of household & personal effects, Commercial Cargo parking, daily collection and delivery within east & Central Africa Region has catalysed our growth hence placing us at helm of the freight and logistics Industry.

Blitz Logistics limited is a Value focused end to end Logistics Company. Formed in 2014 as a Business enterprise to provide tailor made business solutions to a close Knit clique of customers. It has steadily grown in enterprise, Local and international network affiliates and financial base.

01. Our Vision

To create and nurture an environment of partnership between Blitz Logistics Limited and her clients Where we play a valuable role in maximizing client output and Positively Influencing the community we live in

02. Mission

To add value to business start ups, medium enterprises, Corporate and multi-national Social and humanitarian agencies and the community though total reliability, uncompromising quality services and high Business standards

03. Core Values

- Accountability : We take responsibility
- Balance : maintain a healthy work life balance for
- Loyalty : We are committed to being transparent to our Clients
- Integrity : We act with Honesty

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Why Blitz Logistics?

Blitz Logistics limited offers various advantages to the market as follows:

  • Competitive Rates.
  • Credit Facilities.
  • Record Imports & Export Cargo Clearance & forwarding.
  • Versatility in Export & Import cargo facilities.
  • Appropriate Packaging.
  • Palletizing & Labelling.
  • Private warehouse.
  • Prompt collection & delivery.
  • Security: We take good care of your cargo while loading.
  • Proper Cargo Booking.
  • Up Speed Tracking.
  • Friendly Customer Service free consultancy on Imports and Exports
  • Timely Delivery.
Blitz Logistics Limited - Shipping Experts
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