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Ware Housing - Blitz Logistics

Convenient Warehousing in Kenya

Blitz Logistics Limited is a logistics company that among other services specializes in offering the best warehousing services in Kenya. Whether you want to deal with a seasonal inventory upsurge, or planning to develop a comprehensive local and/or international supply chain, we are ready to assist you. We have spacious and strategically located consolidation centers and storage distribution centers that have been customized by our warehousing experts to accommodate all kinds of goods. The strategic location of our warehouses across Kenya is among the factors that makes us a suitable warehousing service for your cargo storage needs. In particular, we have warehouses in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret and Thika among other major towns in Kenya. In Mombasa, our warehouses are located near the port so that you can store your cargo conveniently awaiting shipment outside the country or after it has been shipped in to the country. Our presence in major towns in Kenya also helps in improving your operational flexibility as it makes sure that your products are available to customers across the country. Equally, you can easily store your products in any part of the country where you anticipate an upsurge in demand. For instance, if you expect that the demand for your products will be high in Kisumu in a month’s time, we will help you in transporting and storing your products safely in Kisumu so that you can sell them immediately the demand goes up.

Top-notch Warehousing Services

Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a wide array of high quality warehousing services. In particular, we offer container packing and unpacking services, shrink wrapping, sorting, cross docking, transport, palletizing, and labeling among others. We are also experts in undertaking administrative processes which include stock counting, cycle counting, and continuous stock verification. Furthermore, Blitz Logistics Limited provides bonded warehousing services in Kenya to make sure that you can store and process your cargo without paying any duty until your cargo leaves our warehouse. When you store your cargo in our bonded warehouses, we help you to post customs bond with the government. Similarly, we offer temperature controlled warehousing in Kenya, a service that enables you to store perishable cargo in temperature controlled stores to prevent spoilage and/or decay. Some of the perishable products that we handle in our temperature controlled stores include fresh fish, fresh fruits, fresh meat, sea food, and so forth. Lastly, as part of our top-notch warehousing services, we offer warehouse site consultancy to assist you in identifying optimal warehouse locations for better inventory management and distribution to your customers in the market.

Secure Warehouses in Kenya

At Blitz Logistics Limited, we prioritize the security of your cargo in storage at all times. Specifically, our warehouses meet the highest standards of security and safety. In terms of security, we have the manpower as well as a 24-hour surveillance system in all our warehouses across the country to watch over your cargo while in storage. On the other hand, we ensure the safety of your cargo by stacking it properly and carefully to prevent any breakages during storage. Besides, our warehouses are spacious enough to facilitate easy movement of people and machinery without compromising on the safety of your cargo in storage.

Taking everything into account our convenience, quality, and security, it is evident that Blitz Logistics Limited offers the best warehousing services in Kenya. If you are seeking to store your cargo safely, look nowhere else. Utilizing our strategically located warehouses across the country, we can facilitate storage of your cargo, break bulk and trans-loading of inbound cargo, as well as domestic and export freight. We can also provide tailored fulfillment services for targeted goods distribution.

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