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Reliable Road Freight Forwarding across East Africa

The East African region has a high quality road network that favors the movement of goods from one country to the other. But despite the region having good roads, you need dependable road transport services to transport your cargo efficiently to your preferred destination. Among the many providers of road transport services across the East African region, Blitz Logistics Limited is recognized as the most authentic road transporter. When we established the company back in the year 2010, our road transport services were only limited to Kenya. However, our commitment and desire to satisfy the unique road transport needs of our customers have enabled us to expand our trustworthy road transport services to Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi.

You must be wondering why our company is highly rated among the providers of reputable road transport services in East Africa. Well, I have to begin by informing you that we are highly experienced in the transportation of cargo by road across East Africa. The process of transporting cargo by road across East Africa has many challenges such as road congestion in some areas, high transportation costs, presence of fraudulent carriers, and so forth. Nonetheless, being in the East African transport industry since 2010 has enabled us to become experts in handling such challenges to make sure that your cargo gets to its intended destination on time.  Secondly, we offer high quality customer service. As providers of genuine road transport services in East Africa, we will answer all your questions and provide you with the necessary assistance to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our road transport services.

Thirdly, Blitz Logistics Limited is detail-oriented. The process of transporting cargo, whether large or small, is highly detailed. For instance, other than ensuring the security of the cargo under transit, the necessary paperwork has to be done. Being a dependable road transport services provider, we take care of every detail to make sure that you don’t have to worry about how your cargo gets to its destination. Lastly, we are time-oriented. When providing you with trustworthy road transport services in East Africa, we make sure that the cargo gets to your preferred destination by the agreed date. With our convenient road transport services, you are assured of having your inventory delivered on time so that you can also keep your customers happy.

The Best Road Transport Services in Kenya

Do you need to transport cargo by road to any part of Kenya? If yes, you are at the right place. Blitz Logistics Limited offers the leading road transport services in Kenya. We transport both solid and liquid cargo to your preferred destination across Kenya. One of the qualities that make us the top road transport service in Kenya is our capacity to transport heavy cargo via road. We have invested in the necessary equipment such as cranes, tele handlers, forklifts, trucks, and so forth to handle heavy cargo. Besides, we have highly skilled employees to carry out transport operations that involve heavy cargo. With such resources, we guarantee that your heavy cargo will arrive safely and within the agreed timeline at any destination across Kenya. Secondly, we are the ideal road transport service in Kenya when it comes to transporting dangerous cargo including flammable liquids, flammable solids, gases, organic pesticides, oxidizing substances, and so forth. The transportation of such dangerous goods is not an easy task; it calls for expertise since the cargo has to be handled with extra care. At Blitz Logistics Limited, we have fully trained and experienced personnel to transport your dangerous cargo to any part of Kenya. Besides, we are the best transporters of dangerous cargo in Kenya because we have approved vehicles to ensure that your cargo arrives at the intended destination intact and accident-free.

Lastly, Blitz Logistics Limited specializes in the transportation of household items, personal effects, and highly valuable goods across the Kenya. Handling of such cargo requires a high level of expertise and security. Being the best transporters of valuable items in Kenya, we have experts who have been trained on handling of valuable products during transit. Furthermore, we liaise with the Kenya police and other security agencies to make sure that your cargo is safe during transit. Try Blitz Logistics Limited, the number one road transport service in Kenya, for the transportation of your cargo by road to any destination within the country.

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