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Ocean Freight Forwarders in Kenya

When transporting bulky cargo over long distances, sea transport is the most cost effective and efficient means of transport. In Kenya, the port of Mombasa connects the country with other major ports across the world. If you are seeking to ship cargo to and from the port of Mombasa, Blitz Logistics Limited is the leading sea freight forwarder in Kenya. We offer a wide range of ocean freight services including international shipping of pallets, crates and boxes, forwarding multi modal sea freight containers across the world, shipping motor vehicles and other machinery internationally, and overall export and import of any type of cargo by sea out of and into the country respectively. What makes us the best ocean freight company is that we specialize in shipping a wide range of cargo including perishable goods (such as flowers, fruits, and foods like meat and fish), household goods and valuable items, heavy machinery and equipment, and dangerous goods like explosive materials, flammable gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, organic pesticides, oxidizing substances, infectious and toxic substances, corrosive materials, and radioactive materials. So, if you want to transport dangerous goods by sea, we are your best bet.

Trusted Ocean Freight Forwarding Company

Our services are unrivaled in the market because we are dependable ocean freight forwarders. When you ship your cargo via sea with us, we take care of every detail leaving you to just sit down stress-free awaiting the arrival of the cargo to your preferred destination. With our experience in handling the importation and exportation of goods via the port of Mombasa, we go the extra mile of processing all the necessary documents efficiently on your behalf. If you are transporting your cargo outside Kenya with our help, we will help you in filling all the forms required for export customs clearance and facilitate the processing of your export customs documents. Equally, if you are shipping cargo into the country with us, we will handle all the necessary forms required for import customs clearance on your behalf, represent you in customs clearance, and answer for your customs debt.

After we have shipped your cargo via sea to the port of Mombasa, we will offer you additional logistic services to make sure that your cargo is delivered to its final destination. We have a wide range of logistics services from which you can choose your preferred mode of transporting your cargo. For instance, if you want your cargo transported from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi, our trailer transportation service will transport your cargo by road to Nairobi. Also, we can make arrangements and transport your cargo via the standard gauge railway to Nairobi. If you want your cargo to be shipped to any other part of Kenya or outside Kenya, we offer the best ocean freight forwarding, road freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, and rail freight forwarding to any part of the world. Moreover, we also provide warehousing services if you intend to store your goods safely either for a short or a long period of time before taking the next course of action.

To this end, Blitz Logistics Limited nk Investment ltd provides loose container load freight movement to most foreign ports thereby eliminating the need to deal with several different carriers by providing just a single party responsible for the entire movement. Significant savings are often achieved without sacrificing delivery time. We understand all the procedures for shipping cargo by sea, the necessary paperwork for shipping cargo via sea, how to get your cargo on the right vessel, and the necessary measures to take to address the different challenges that can arise when shipping your cargo via the sea. With Blitz Logistics Limited nk Investment Limited, you can be confident that your cargo is being handled by the leading ocean freight forwarders in Kenya and focus on other important aspects of your business that require your attention.

All in all, if you are looking to transport your cargo via air, you have to choose an air freight services provider who will facilitate secure, smooth, and prompt delivery of your goods to the intended direction. In this case, Blitz Logistics Limited is the best choice for you; we are the leading air freight services in Kenya and the entire East and Central Africa.

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