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Freight Consolidation Services in Kenya

When your product is ready to be transported to the customers in your target market but the volume of your cargo cannot rationalize the expense of a full truckload, what options do you have and what is the best course of action? For a majority of entrepreneurs, it comes down to identifying the more logical of two evils; forwarding the products using a costly less than truckload or waste time waiting for a full truckload. The two courses of action are very costly because shipping via a less than truckload is very costly and waiting for a full truckload is very risky because you will miss the retailer requested arrival dates and most likely lose customers for your business. If you are in such a fix, you don’t have to worry anymore because Blitz Logistics Limited has an effective solution to this problem. As the providers of convenient freight consolidation in Kenya, we will help you by combining your products with cargo from other clients so that we can fill a truckload.

Flexibility in Freight Consolidation

At Blitz Logistics Limited, our freight consolidation services are flexible enough to fit into your business needs and plans. Under this perspective, we operate a wide range of logistics services across major towns in East and Central Africa including warehousing, air freight forwarding within and outside Kenya, ocean freight, road freight, and rail freight among others. This is an implication that we always have different types of goods in our warehouses and we are always forwarding freight using different modes of transport to different parts of the world. As such, if your products cannot fill a truckload, we have other goods in our warehouses that we can use to fill the truckload ready for transportation. Besides, our high customer numbers increase the likelihood of having other customers who are transporting goods to the same destination as you. All these factors considered it is very easy for us to consolidate your products with those of other clients and deliver them to your intended destination without wasting time. If your products are not stored in our warehouses, we will collect them at your business premises or warehouse at an additional fee and consolidate them with other goods ready for transportation.

Why are we the Best Freight Consolidation Service Providers?

Blitz Logistics Limited offers the most affordable freight consolidation services that will help you save on your transportation cost significantly. On this note, combining your cargo with those of others to fill a truckload implies that you will share the cost of transport with the other customers with whom you are sharing the truckload. Besides, our pricing model is very simple since it is based on the weight of your cargo and the distance to your preferred destination. Secondly, we provide you with a high visibility of your cargo during transit. Under this perspective, we have invested in a highly efficient tracking technology that provides you with real-time location of your cargo during transit. Furthermore, we ensure that our logistics coordinators are available to answer all your questions during the transportation of your cargo. Thirdly, freight consolidation is sustainable in the sense that it reduces carbon emissions to the atmosphere and reduces congestion on the road since cargo is transported using fewer trucks. As such, using our freight consolidation services will enable you to actively participate in environmental conservation. Lastly, our cargo consolidation services facilitate quicker delivery times because you will not have to waste time building a full truckload by yourself.

For cargo consolidation services in Kenya, visit Blitz Logistics Limited in order to save time in the delivery of your cargo and cut you retail distribution cost significantly.

All in all, if you are looking to transport your cargo via air, you have to choose an air freight services provider who will facilitate secure, smooth, and prompt delivery of your goods to the intended direction. In this case, Blitz Logistics Limited is the best choice for you; we are the leading air freight services in Kenya and the entire East and Central Africa.

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