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Air Freight - Blitz Logistics Limited

Leading Air Freight Forwarding in Kenya

If you are seeking to transport cargo within or outside Kenya fast, then air freight should be your most obvious choice. However, you should not settle for just any air freight service; instead, you need reliable air freight services in Kenya, which is Blitz Logistics Limited.  Among other logistic services, we specialize in providing air freight services either through charter carriers or commercial air carriers. Having been operational since the year 2010, we have developed professional connections with numerous charter and commercial air carriers operating in different destinations across the world. Such connections enable us to offer you the best air freight forwarding in Kenya and to any destination across the world. Transporting cargo via air is very fast and reliable; however, air freight is also much more costly compared to road, railway, or sea transportation. When you choose Blitz Logistics Limited, you do not have to worry about the high costs of air freight because we provide very affordable air freight services. We exploit our professional connections with numerous air carriers in Kenya and across the world to benefit our customers. In particular, we negotiate with the air carriers to get you the best and the most inexpensive air freight deals in the market.

Appropriate Air Freight Forwarders

When transporting cargo by air, it is always advisable to consider your own convenience. For this reason, you have to settle for an air freight service that fits well with your plans, needs, and activities. Blitz Logistics Limited provides its customers with convenient air freight forwarding in Kenya. For instance, we can organize and collect your cargo from your business or warehouse and ship it to any destination across the world. However, you will be required to pay an additional fee to cover the cost of collecting your cargo from your premises. In addition, we are highly ranked within the logistics industry because of providing flexible air freight services in Kenya. Under this perspective, we offer our customers two main modes of air freight services including the express transportation of cargo and the economic transportation of cargo. With the express transportation, we organize direct flights to transport your cargo to its destination within the shortest time possible. For this reason, express transportation best suited for shipping perishable goods by air. On the other hand, economic transportation utilizes the concept of transshipment in which cargo is transported by different air carriers before it reaches its final destination. This shipping option is suitable for transporting cargo that has no urgent delivery time.

Professional Air Freight Services in Kenya

When it comes to taking care our customers, we have the best customer service within the logistics industry. As a provider of top air freight forwarding in Kenya, we hire highly qualified customer service representatives and equip them with the necessary skills to take care of your air freight needs. In this case, some of the important qualities that we emphasize among our customer care representatives include problem solving skills, clear communication, friendly attitude, empathy, business acumen, service knowledge, and strong time management skills. With such qualities, our customer care representatives will take good care of your cargo and make sure that it is shipped to your preferred destination safely and intact. Besides, offering professional air freight services in Kenya requires a high level of expertise because transporting cargo via air is not an easy undertaking. At Blitz Logistics Limited, air freight services are rendered by qualified professionals who have a vast experience in providing high quality logistics services. Through the expertise of our employees, we are very efficient in collaborating with airlines and other stakeholders in the logistics industry to offer you the best air freight forwarding.

All in all, if you are looking to transport your cargo via air, you have to choose an air freight services provider who will facilitate secure, smooth, and prompt delivery of your goods to the intended direction. In this case, Blitz Logistics Limited is the best choice for you; we are the leading air freight services in Kenya and the entire East and Central Africa.

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