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Blitz Logistics offers various advantages to the market.

Our Services

What We Do

Blitz Logistics Limited - International Forwarding

International Forwarding

Our capable staff assist with obtaining certificate of origin, negotiating letter of credit and with all aspects of documentation involved in moving shipments from Kenya to any destinations. Worldwide Certified Shipping documents are issued as a priority. We monitor progress status of consignments and customers are informed immediately on any changes that could affect expeditious delivery.

Blitz Logistics Limited - Air Freight & Charters

Air Freight & Charters

Our air freight division arranges for the immediate dispatch of urgent shipments to destinations abroad, upon arrival, our agents provide prompt transfer customs clearance and delivery of priority freight

Blitz Logistics Limited - Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations

Utilizing our designated warehouse at most locations we can facilitate storage, break bulk and transloading of inbound, domestic & export freight. We also provide tailored fulfilment services for targeted goods distribution

Road Services

W e are able to offer a range of road transport solutions to accommodate most demands.

Blitz Logistics Limited - Trailer Services

Trailer Services

Through our hand-picked network of specialists, trailer operator partner, we are able to offer a competitively priced and quality assured route to African destinations served by road group age services.

Blitz Logistics Limited - Air freight Consolidation

Freight Consolidation

When deadlines permit, we can consolidate your consignments giving our clients the opportunity to make substantial savings over direct movement, with minimal time penalty.

Tailored Solutions

At Blitz logistics Ltd, We not only handle routine shipments but also manage projects that require special action & innovative thinking. We believe our flexibility & Resources pay dividends in solving logistical problems & our clients agree.

Blitz Logistics Limited - Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker

We have a qualified team to discuss your insurance requirements from the often complicated details of marine policies to more general transport cover

Blitz Logistics Limited - Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

We provide loose container load freight movements to most foreign ports thereby eliminating the need to deal with several different carriers by providing just a single party responsible for the entire movement. Significant savings are often achieved without sacrificing delivery time

Blitz Logistics Limited - Custom Brokers

Custom Brokers

Our Specialist in international shipping documentation prepare all paper works necessary to move a cargo from importing carrier to the ultimate consignee. We keep abreast of customs and exercise department of trade regulations to ensure correct classification of goods in compliance with applicable laws

Blitz Logistics Limited - Packaging Services 2

Packaging Services

We appreciate On-site services for relocation of office or home, airfreight packaging in strict accordance with IATA, DGR safety Regulations & Sea freight packaging to comply with most stringent of environmental governing transportation to certain countries


Blitz Logistics aims at being Loyal to its clients at all times


Blitz Logistics limited takes a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work life balance for its employees.


We act with Honesty and honor without compromising the truth.


We always aim at acknowledging when wrong and take responsibility.

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