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Safe Logistics & Transport Solutions That Save your Valuable Time!

Our solutions are powered by trade, logistics and the drive and passion of all our employees. In every Sector, we each have the potential to make a global difference. But there’s more to a role at Blitz Logistics than the work we do. Whether you’re a global manager or a marketing assistant, driving a forklift or flying an airplane, we never forget that it’s you who makes us who we are. Which is why we work hard to make sure a career with the group is as satisfying and successful as it can possibly be.

Our Mission

To add value to business start ups, medium enterprises, Corporate and multi-national Social and humanitarian agencies and the community through total reliability, uncompromising quality services and high Business standards.

Our Services

What We Do

Blitz Logistics Limited - Air Freight & Charters
Air Freight

Our air freight division arranges for the immediate dispatch of urgent shipments to destinations abroad, upon arrival, our agents provide prompt transfer customs clearance and delivery of priority freight

Blitz Logistics Limited - Warehouse Operations
Warehouse Operations

Utilizing our designated warehouse at most locations we can facilitate storage, break bulk and transloading of inbound, domestic & export freight. We also provide tailored fulfilment services for targeted goods distribution

Blitz Logistics Limited - Trailer Services
Trailer Services

We are able to offer a range of road transport solutions to accommodate most demands.

Blitz Logistics Limited - Ocean Freight
Ocean Freight

We provide loose container load freight movements to most foreign ports thereby eliminating the need to deal with several different carriers by providing just a single party responsible for the entire movement. Significant savings are often achieved without sacrificing delivery time

We Understand The Importance Approaching Each Work!

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